“…her music did everything I could have asked: it heightened the dramatic action of the film, filled sonic empty space and never got in the way of dialog. Further, it was interesting to listen to and impeccably produced.”
— Tor Kingdon, Hear Kitty Studios

“Magnificent soundtrack… wouldn’t be out of place on the West End or Broadway.”
— Marisa de Andrade, Edinburgh Guide

“…a genius and an angel.”
— Julie Reichert, independent filmmaker, Girls | Pipes | Warrior Woman (indie films)

— Digby Wolfe, Laugh-In co-creator

“…a highly involving creation of slowly accreted electronic sounds. Barlow’s ominous work stands out here.”
— Jason Bivins, Cadence: The Review of Jazz & Blues: Creative and Improvised Music

“…a searing dollop of vintage Varèse.”
— Gary Gold, Indie Journal: A Home for the Independent Artist

“Top to bottom, floor to ceiling, wall to wall cool.”
— Mark Webber, Zerx Press