TAXI Member Giveaway!

Howdy! I’m CK. I joined TAXI way back in the ’00s, I’ve had music used on thousands of TV episodes, yada yada…

But here’s the real topic: A few years ago I started using an app called Keyboard Maestro to automate a bunch of things into single clicks, such as:

  • archiving a completed track by combining bounce and replace, project clean-up, and project consolidate into a single, self-running sequence, all with my preferred options 
  • pasting the full details of any of my publishers’ delivery specs into my DAW’s notepad, rather than looking them up manually
  • suspending cloud backups whenever I launch my DAW, and resuming as soon as I quit
  • moving finished projects from my Completed folder to my Project Archive drive whenever I connect the drive – so quickly that I don’t notice it
  • creating stems or multitracks while I’m getting coffee, using each track’s name as the file name with whatever prefix (e.g. song name) I choose
  • generating the framework for alt mixes, with a marker (locator) labeling each, and then – after I remove parts as necessary – bouncing them all in succession with the marker name as the file name
  • instantly moving files off my field recorder and onto my Samples drive whenever I connect the recorder to my Mac 
  • setting up metadata spreadsheets with custom conditional formatting and template text…

You’re getting the idea, right?

Another TAXI member saw what I was doing and said, “Daaaamn… you ought to teach a class about that!” So I made one and posted it on Skillshare. 🙂

And here’s the giveaway: The first TAXI member to take the class and leave a review gets a free year of Skillshare membership, on me! PAUL CROTEAU HAS CLAIMED THE PRIZE!!

Here’s the link to the class on Skillshare: No commitment, a free month, and my class is just over an hour long. Nothing to lose!

Have 2 minutes? Check out the intro video right here: