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FSF: 2022 December 9

SPEED HUMPS sign = bumps and bells

I was out running and noticed a SPEED HUMPS sign. Once I’d stopped snickering like a 13-year-old, I sampled it, because… SPEED HUMPS.

From the sample, I made:

  • thumpy kick
  • gritty bass
  • percussive static sounds
  • a really interesting arpeggiating mallet-like sound, which I made pan side to side
  • an organ-like lead.

Check out the video above to see how it all came together, then click the big Download… button above to get all of those sounds, the beat and the GB project for free. You can also check out my Skillshare class on iPhone sampling, in which I sampled a bunch of things in my kitchen and turned them into playable instruments, like I have here, using just GarageBand on my phone.

Come on back every week for new downloads containing 1) an original, unprocessed recording of some non-musical thing; and 2) a GarageBand for iOS project containing the Sampler instrument(s) that I’ve made with that recording.

Want to learn how to do this yourself? Check out my Skillshare class on turning found sounds into instruments using just your iPhone. If you sign up, you’ll get a free month of membership!