FSF: 2022 November 11

Ceramic mug = THE MUSICS.

At this point my wife is flat-out telling me which sounds to use.

I’m kidding. She’s just making strong, strong, super-vehement suggestions. This week, we’re dealing on her beloved ceramic travel mug, which is basically a guiro for drinking.

Based on a sample of her running her wedding ring up the mug, we’ve got:

  • a kick,
  • a clap,
  • a hat,
  • a bass,
  • a pad,
  • and the mallet-like lead that kicked off the idea for the beat.

Get all of those sounds and the beat, for free, wrapped up all nice in a GarageBand for iPhone project, by clicking the big button above. You can also check out my Skillshare class on iPhone sampling, in which I sampled a bunch of other things in my kitchen and turned them into playable instruments using just GarageBand on my phone.

Come on back every week for new downloads containing 2 components each: an original, unprocessed recording of some non-musical thing; and a GarageBand for iOS project containing the Sampler instrument(s) that I’ve made with that recording.

Want to learn how to do this yourself? Check out my Skillshare class on turning found sounds into instruments using just your iPhone. If you sign up, you’ll get a free month of membership!